Canada Goose will enter the self-operated store in China to squeeze the purchasing space

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canada goose outlet in uk Canada Goose, a globally renowned Canadian brand with outdoor down jackets, announced that it will officially enter the Chinese market in the fall of 2018 and open a direct store in Beijing and Hong Kong. At the same time, it is stationed in the luxury pavilion of the Tmall luxury platform. Canada Goose said that in the future, online and offline channels will be synchronized.

Canada Goose has become popular in Chinese fashion circles in recent years and has been literally translated as “Canada Goose”. This is the first time the Canada Goose brand has announced its opening into the Chinese market. It is reported that the Beijing store will be located in Taikoo Li, Sanlitun, and the Hong Kong store will be located in the Hong Kong International Finance Centre. Dani Reiss, CEO of Canada Goose, said that China is the world’s largest luxury market and that the company has seen tremendous business opportunities in China.

canada goose black friday sale Beijing Business Daily reporter searched for “Canada Goose” on Taobao platform and found that the relevant product information is up to 79 pages. Except for the official direct channel of Tmall International, the rest of the products are basically sourced from third-party merchants. According to the current description of Tmall International, Canada Goose is shipped overseas, usually 10-20 days after delivery, and the product does not provide invoices, or even the existence of the tag.

Cheap Canada Goose Beijing Business Daily reporters compared online prices and found that different styles of long-sleeved long-range Canada Goose down jackets range in price from 5,000 yuan to 14,000 yuan, and similar models have different prices, such as an Ex pedition of a merchant. The price of the expedition down jacket is around 7,000 yuan, and the same down jacket sold by Tmall International’s overseas merchants is more than 13,000 yuan.

canada goose outlet Some luxury goods buyers and collection stores in China can also buy the brand products, but the products are slightly single. Therefore, the brand often appears in a large number of online shopping and WeChat purchasing channels. Due to the mixed purchasing channels such as WeChat, there are many “authenticity identification tutorials” of the brand on the Internet.

In fact, Canada Goose outlet sale used to be the uniform of the Northern Border Patrol of Canada, and was also equipped by the National Science Foundation of the Antarctic expedition team, but the frequent appearance in the Hollywood blockbuster made the brand gradually sought after.

Marketing expert Rob Fields believes that Cananda Goose outlet sale store  has become more popular in recent years than extreme weather, and that warm-up down jackets can provide consumers with a sense of security.

Currently, Canada Goose balck store outlet has established independent regional official websites in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and France, and plans to launch e-commerce official websites in Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg and Austria in 7 countries by 2020. The retail network extends to all parts of the world.

You also want to buy cheap Canada Goose jackets? Canada’s outlet national treasure down jacket Intotuk is even more unique!

canada goose outlet  is located at the northernmost tip of North America, so the winter in this country can be described as cold, and it is almost impossible to go out without a decent cold clothing. Under such circumstances, the thick and warm down jacket became the “cold artifact” in winter in Canada. Under the celebrity effect of Internet giant Ma Yun and Russian President Vladimir Putin, Canada’s down jacket brand Canada Goose has been highly regarded in recent years and is popular in many countries and regions in Asia and North America.

Intotuk with the same name as cheap Canada Goose


buy canada goose jacket cheap In fact, in Canada, the high-end down jacket brand is not only the Canada Goose family, there is another brand that is not inferior to Intotuk. Intotuk is a high-end clothing brand in Canada. Its down jacket products have been used in Canada for many years. It is the same as Canada Goose. It is known as the Canadian national treasure down jacket product and has the highest thermal performance in the world. The metal logo of its maple leaf shape highlights the pure bloodlines of its Canadian identity. If the brand did not have much publicity in the Asian market, how could it only make Canada Goose a representative brand of Canadian down jackets in China cheap canada goose uk?

cheap canada goose uk Intotuk is one of Canada’s most sought-after fashion apparel brands, originating from a Canadian road name to the Arctic Circle, the abbreviation of Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk Highway. Every piece of down jacket under the Intotuk brand will have the road embroidered on the road, and the words “GO TO THE TOP OF THE WORLD.” added to the embroidery means “to the top of the world”, and it The production of down jacket products is also like the meaning of this sentence, both in design and quality have achieved the peak in the field of down jacket.

Intotuk down jacket design leads the fashion trend

Intotuk’s down jacket style follows the simple and sleek style of Canada, leading the winter fashion trend in North America, which is very suitable for young people to go out for leisure and travel. Moreover, the Intotuk down jacket has its own unique features, such as the cool metal Canadian maple leaf logo on the armband; the dark logo letter shoulder strap inside, which can also liberate the hands indoors, carrying effect. However, its biggest highlight is the embroidery design on the back, which not only highlights the agility of the down jacket, but also highlights the high design of the clothing design.

canada goose black friday sale Intotuk down jacket warm performance in the world’s top

Intotuk’s down jacket is also the world’s top, and it is filled with Canada’s authentic top duck down. It is made of imported blue fox fur collar. The fabric is coated with windproof and waterproof. The warmth is far above the Canada Goose. Keeping warm at minus 45 degrees low temperature can be said to be the ultimate cold-proof warm clothing. The high quality of the Intotuk down jacket also guarantees its high durability and can be worn on the body for decades without stress.

uk canada goose outlet A combination of fashion and warm down jackets

The Intotuk down jacket is also available in a variety of ways. Its fur collar and hat collar can be shared. The wearer can install the fur collar without a hat, or wear a fur collar with a hat, or no hat. With a fur collar, no matter which one looks cool. The small partner who passed through the Intotuk down jacket said that wearing this down jacket to go out, you can easily go out wearing a thin bottoming shirt. In this way, it can be described as a combination of fashionable and warm down jackets.

canada goose uk black friday With an Intotuk down jacket, why bother to buy a Canada Goose like a lot of people? In this winter, Intotuk down jackets let you wear your own unique fashion taste in the similar down jackets while keeping warm and cold. I have a taste of the unique winter style! There are also Xiaobian heard that if you wear intotuk down jacket to travel to the Arctic Circle, you can also see the aurora! Aurora is one of the most beautiful natural phenomena recognized by the world. If the couples go together If it is, it is a romantic thing!

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