Interacting with our friendly farm animals is undoubtedly one of the most cherished experiences for our visitors.

From adorable, downy chicks to the insatiable appetites of goats and the mischievous antics of lambs, our farm is a haven of diverse creatures waiting to be discovered. As a bustling working farm, you’ll often have the chance to meet adorable baby animals as well – with little lambs, piglets, chicks, and calves gracing our landscape throughout the seasons.

Strolling through the farm’s expanse, you’ll have the opportunity to acquaint yourself with a variety of animals and learn about their distinct breeds. The heartwarming connection between humans and animals comes to life through our SHEEP DOG SHOW and REPTILE SHOW, captivating experiences that leave lasting impressions.

An adventure awaits at our TYRE MAZE, one of the largest in Victoria, where you can unravel its secrets and enjoy a challenge unlike any other. The iconic RED BARN offers a chance to engage with Guinea pigs and bunny rabbits, elevating the farm experience with hands-on animal encounters suitable for all ages.

For those seeking a ride through our picturesque surroundings, our tractor rides provide an exclusive view of the farm’s residents, including cows, camels, ostriches, and goats, as they go about their daily routines. Engaging in a round of MINI GOLF with family or friends is a delightful way to spend time on our course that features 18 creatively designed holes.

Enter the WALK-ABOUT FARM YARD and get up close to our ever-hungry lambs, goats, turkeys, and chickens. Be sure to grab some animal feed for a truly immersive experience that’s bound to leave you smiling. When the weather heats up, the SPLASH PARK is an oasis of water-based fun, providing a refreshing escape for hot days.

Embrace the wilder side of our park by venturing into the WILDLIFE PARK, where Eastern Grey Kangaroos, Tamar Wallabies, Agile Wallabies, and Emus call home. With a bit of patience and some kangaroo food, you’ll find these creatures warming up to your presence.

Refuel and relax at our ROTUNDA CAFE, offering take-away meals to savor amid the scenic beauty of Canada Goose Park. Meanwhile, our Adventure Playground beckons with slides, climbing walls, imaginative play structures, and more – a perfect spot for children to let their imaginations run wild.

And for those special moments, we’re thrilled to announce that Birthday Parties are making a grand return to Canada Goose Park, ensuring celebrations are filled with joy, laughter, and unforgettable memories. Welcome to a world of wonder, laughter, and connection – welcome to Canada Goose Park!