About US

For more than 50 years, Canada Goose has been producing authentic extreme weather gear born of purpose and function, designed for those who need the confidence that come from quality. Beginning with a modest line of jackets and woolen shirts created in a small warehouse in Toronto. Canada Goose today has grown to be recognized internationally as the leading manufacturer of extreme weather outerwear in the world. We’ve kept our production at home in Canada because we believe that no one can do it better  17but our products enjoy a truly global reach. Canada Goose is equally at home in the weather research stations of the frigid South Pole as it is on the windswept Iditarod dog sledding trial in Alaska, on movie sets in remote locations around the world, and in the most exclusive high-fashion centres. Wherever people need protection from the elements, top quality and iconic style, you’ll find Canada Goose.




Around the world there are few logos as easily identifiable as the Arctic Disk featured on Canada Goose jackets and apparel. It has come to represent the true spirit of exploration, quality, authenticity, and great Canadian craftsmanship. Getting to this point has been an evolution of design strategy as it often is with successful brands. Here is a look at the history of the Canada Goose logo.