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I took this horrible looking thing to my normal lunch table. I remember all the other kids laughing at me as they were holding their pizzas up in the air. I felt as if I was being ostracized, for what was on my lunch plate, something that I didn’t even want. If you wear one is a statement no matter what is your outfit. The main advantage of it is that is versatile. You should wear it in almost any occasion. If I could make a strong suggestion it would be to learn the theory of music. Get yourself a strong foundation so that your value as a guitarist is undisputed. Learn how to build your own guitar identity, as you build respect in the musical arena and self confidence. I was filled with the promise of a harder and more accurate slap shot and a quicker release of my snap shots. However, it took me some convincing before I purchased this stick, because I had always played ice hockey with wooden sticks. I heard many complaints from my fellow ice hockey pick up buddies, that these new carbon fibre composite sticks did not have the feel of a regular wooden stick and broke easily.

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